Mini Metro: Switch Edition

Build train routes with or against your friends in this new multiplayer console edition!

June 27, 2018

We’ve been working on Mini Metro for the Nintendo Switch for several months now. It’s been a slow bake as we’ve been preparing…


We were going to end the blog post right there with that mic-drop, but that would be glossing over all the fine work and features our team has put into making the game feel and look amazing on the Nintendo Switch. We’re incredibly proud of it!

“Just how proud of it are you,” I hear you asking. “Isn’t that just marketing fluff?”

I’m glad you asked. We are so proud, we made a skookum trailer:

Mini Metro will be available for up to 4 players on the Nintendo Switch soon. We’re just trying to align all the international launch dates so everyone can get it at the same time.

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