Fantastic Contraption

Build something fantastic, bop a dog on the nose, and get farted on by a cat. All in VR!

November 22, 2017

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, already celebrated (hello, fellow Canadians!) or do not partake, we insist that you check out these lovely deals on our games that we’re running over the weekend.

Fantastic Contraption

Our favorite physics puzzler that launched with the HTC Vive just last year is available for up to 35% off at the following digital storefronts.

All prices in USD.

Steam Store – 35% off – $19.49  –  Starting from today

Oculus Store – 35% off – $19.99  –  Starting from Black Friday

Windows Store – 30% off – $13.99  –  Starting from today


Some say it’s the most colorful game ever made. Others say it has the greatest EDM soundtrack of all time. Some people like the sparkles. Regardless of why you love RRR, we’ve got unbelievable deals to help you welcome it into your game collection.

All prices in USD.

Standard Edition

Steam Store – 75% off – $1.74 – Starting from today

Deluxe Edition

Steam Store – 75% off – $2.49 – Starting from today

Monster Loves You!

Raise your very own Monsterling from the comfort of your chair, no longer  having to worry about what to do with all the slime that   just gets everywhere.

All prices in USD.

Single game

Steam Store – 75% off – $2.49 – Starting from today

3-pack to share with friends (Buy two, get one free!)

Steam Store – 75% off – $4.99 – Starting from today



This means you can buy  all three of these fine Radial Games titles for as little as $18.22. That’s pretty good!

Go and have some fun. You deserve it after all those brussels sprouts.