Truly, it is almost upon us: we’re very pleased to announce that  Fantastic Contraption will be available July 11th on PlayStation VR! We’ve been working on this version for ages, designing and implementing a whole bunch of special features to make the game feel awesome.

Here are a few of those new features:

  • Seated gameplay designed especially for PlayStation VR
  • Two new levels, exclusive to PlayStation VR
  • Dynamically resize the world using Resize Island
  • A ton of PS4 Pro-specific enhancements

We wrote a huge post for PlayStation, so for the full spectrum of information, check out the PlayStation US Blog.


Wow, what a year. Where to start?

In early 2016 we shipped Fantastic Contraption (with our partners Northway Games) as a launch title on the HTC Vive. Then came the Oculus Touch edition, and we’re launching very soon for PS VR. Along the way we won a few awards and we tried our best to create something that pushed the boundaries of what was possible in Virtual Reality. Most recently, Kert Gartner won the “Most Innovative Game Trailer” award for our mixed-reality launch trailer.

This first year of commercially-available virtual-reality has been pretty wild!

While we’ve been working on FC, we’ve also been working on top-secret prototypes both in- and outside-of the VR space. We’ve been partnering with some kickass developers and working on our own new content as well. We’ll be announcing some exciting new things later this year.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that we’ve doubled our team size. Stephen Gray joined us last year, with Galen Ryder, Chris Triolo, and Christopher Floyd all joining the crew in early 2017.  You know you’re a big company when you have two Chrises.

Having these rockstars aboard makes a whole lot more possible, and we’re all excited to let you in on our secrets. We promise they’ll be out soon. Until then, let’s all gaze upon our glorious new company logo!

We feel this new logo captures the essence of Radial Games, and it’s much easier to fit on a business card than our old propeller iconography. Thanks so much to Jess for helping us nail down the design.